After four and a half years of acting as caregiver for my aging parents, I AM FINALLY RETURNING TO TEXAS!

To celebrate, I am going on tour around the country to offer my eight hour Constitution class anywhere I can find students who are interested in our founding documents. The class runs from 9:00am to 6:00pm with a one hour lunch break. The cost has been reduced to only $100 until the end of March. You can click here to find an up to date list of cities and locations where you can take the class.

Unless otherwise specified, please call me at 512-461-0995 if you want to register for a class, or if you'd like to help organizing a class in your town. Please read the instructions for organizing a class before you call.

Find a class in your city

JAW-DROPPING 8 hour immersion
into a subject you THOUGHT you knew.

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