Liberty Dollar trial begins

[excerpted from last eMail from Bernard Von NotHaus - BVNH]

US v. BVNH Case # 5:09-CR-00027
Tomorrow, March 7, 2011, an epic battle begins in Federal District Court. BVNH - one lone stubborn individual American vs. the might and fright of the US government - was charged with counterfeiting (Sec 485 and 486) after the FBI confiscated over 9 TONS of gold, silver, platinum and copper over three years ago. The lines are clearly drawn between an individual's freedom, to come up with creative ways, such as barter to deal with government mismanagement of our economy and its continued nullification of our Constitution. Verdict expected within 30 days.

When I was growing up, I always wished that I could meet and talk with the Founding Fathers. What fascinating conversations those would be. Intelligent men who also had the courage of their convictions. They put those beliefs into action, even when it posed a direct ecomomic and physical threat. Although Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry were gone long before I arrived, my life is filled with personal friends who have the same type of courage and integrity as any of the Founding Fathers.

My good friend, Bernard Von NotHaus is in Federal Court as we speak, defending his right (and ours) to exchange our work and talent for real value. Many of you have read G. Edward Griffin's expose' about the Federal Reserve. (If you haven't read CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND, make sure you purchase and read it immediately! It will change your life.) When Edward suggested that Bernard create his own currency to compete with the Federal Reserve, Bernard - a long time monetary architect - did exactly that.

In 1998 the Liberty Dollar was born, and people began to realize that the price of silver does not go up. In reality, it is the value of the dollar (aka Federal Reserve Note) that goes down. For over 10 years Bernard and the Liberty Dollar have been waking people up to the fact that when the Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air, the resulting inflation is a deceptive theft of your purchasing power. In December of 2007, the FBI and Department of Injustice raided the Liberty Dollar headquarters in Evansville, Indiana and stole millions of dollars of silver, gold, and platinum. (My radio program is archived on the internet. You can listen to my November 16th interview with Bernard 48 hours after the raid.)

The government has finally taken Bernard to trial, because - according to the Federal government - worthless, fiat paper is real money, whereas actual silver is counterfeit. I'm told that Bernard has an excellent lawyer and a rock solid defense strategy, but I am still worried. My limited contact with our criminal court system has taught me that TRUTH and JUSTICE are the two things absolutely forbidden in the courtroom. I know Bernard personally, and I vouch for his honesty and integrity. The only thing he has done "wrong" is to challenge the government's assumption that they have absolute power over our lives. I have been warning people about the approach of the totalitarian police state. If Bernard is convicted of these trumped up charges, then you'll know that the police state has arrived.

Do not worry about Bernard if he goes to jail. He knows the risk of defending Liberty, and he stands firm. Worry about yourself, because you will eventually be a target of a government that is out of control. Just like the German population cowering in fear during the Holocaust. Even if you weren't Jewish, you felt helpless to correct the situation. America is no longer "land of the free" because we ceased to be "home of the brave" many, many years ago.

Readers are encouraged to leave messages for Bernard as comments to this article. I will do what I can to forward your best wishes to him during the trial. I'm sure he would welcome the moral support. Better yet, I strongly encourage you to attend the trial located at:
200 W Broad St # 100
Statesville, NC 28677-5258
(704) 883-1000

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