Colorado Rocky Mountain High

John Denver is famous for singing about the serene beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Having lived near sea level most of my life, the Rocky Mountains mean that I'm gasping for breath after climbing a single flight of stairs. I experienced a completely different kind of high during my recent visit to Colorado. I achieved a Liberty high while traveling through Colorado's District 3 this November.

Tisha Casida is running for Congress in Colorado, and she invited me to teach a series of classes on the Bill of Rights in an effort to attract potential voters to listen to her speak. Always eager to Light the Fires of Liberty, I agreed to duplicate my presentation several times in Grand Junction, Delta, Gunnison, and Pueblo. After I finished my presentation on the principles of the Constitution, Tisha would address the crowd explaining that she wants to go to Washington "to cut off the head of the snake". Let me say that Tisha is not afraid to call a spade a spade.

When Tisha invited the audience to ask her questions, there were a few times I wished that I could step up and answer the question for her, to leverage my years of experience on the campaign trail. It didn't take long before I realized that Tisha needs no help confronting difficult questions head on, with common sense answers that appeal to voters who are tired of the status quo. Tisha also has something that I had lost over time - enthusiasm and hope for the future. Listening to her talk about establishing a state currency for Colorado, building small businesses, and making District 3 self-sufficent in anticipation of an inevitable economic collapse, I realized that my sense of dispair was disappearing.

When I talk, I outline theoretical principles of Liberty that are clearly absent from our current society. This can be very depressing. When Tisha talks she speaks of practical, doable projects that are capable of solving the problems we currently face. Tisha is young, but she is definitely not naive. She doesn't claim that the changes will be easy, but she sincerely believes they are possible, and definitely worth fighting for. She is a woman prepared to move Heaven and Earth to begin the process of restoring Liberty in this country.

Dedication like that deserves as much support as it can possibly get. That is why I am endorsing her campaign, and have agreed to be an advisor through the election. Tisha is planning monthly local conventions, and I have promised to return as often as possible to assist in any way that I can. You can read my endorsement here, or you can watch a video version of it here. Then I encourage you to visit Tisha's website so you can contribute to her campaign. Sooner or later, an intelligent candidate with integrity and vision is going to defeat the candidates from the two major parties. I am betting that Tisha Casida is that candidate in 2012.

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