Announcing Operation: DOMINO EFFECT

On January 14, 2012 I will be teaching my Constitution class on the floor of the State House in Oklahoma City. I would like to teach my class in *every* state capitol in 2012! With your help we can have unconstitutional laws falling like dominoes.

Would you like the members of your state legislature to understand and respect the Constitution? State Representative Charles Key> has requested that I come to Oklahoma City to present my eight-hour class on the floor of the State House. Can you imagine me teaching from the spot where the Speaker of the House presides over the legislative process? This sounds almost too good to be true, but I think the moment has come when Americans have a chance to stand up and take back their cherished republic. We have an opportunity to snatch Liberty from the jaws of tyranny if we join together to act now.

I would like you to eMail me the name, phone number, and physical address for:
a) the Speaker of the House; and
b) the President Pro Tempore in your state.
(see notice below)
I will send them a written letter informing them about the class in Oklahoma, and requesting an opportunity to offer the class in their state capitol. I would also like you to send a written letter requesting the state representative from your area to work with the Speaker of the House to make this happen. If you send me a copy of the letter you have written, I will send you a copy of the letter I have written to your Speaker of the House. With a little effort - and a little luck - this could generate a renewed wave of interest in the Constitution. Given all the protest rallies popping up across the country, I feel certain that Americans are desperate enough to make this change happen.

When you eMail me information for this project, please make the subject title "DOMINO EFFECT: TEXAS" (or whatever state you are writing about.) That will help me keep track of which states I have already written to.

Be advised that this effort meshes perfectly with Sheriff Richard Mack's COUNTY SHERIFF PROJECT that is scheduled to happen at the end of January. Please visit his website to contribute money to make it possible to bring 200 county sheriffs to Las Vegas to learn about the oath of office they took to protect your life, Liberty, and property.

I have collected address information for all 49 states! Many thanks to Diane Kitchell and Heather Lewis for doing most of the internet research needed to collect this information.

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