Barter - Secret to Sovereignty

His latest book is not available for sale. Michael does not accept Monopoly money, Confederate money, or Federal Reserve Notes - for the simple reason that none of these slips of paper have any real value. In a world economy that is crashing around us, Michael is only willing to engage in "quid pro quo" - "something for something". Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of his book must send one ounce of .999 fine silver per book to

Secret to Sovereignty
c/o 412 East William Cannon #1403
Austin, the proud republic of Texas 78745-5777

For those who do not have an available source for silver, you may purchase an ounce from:

Tim Frey
Roberts & Roberts Brokerage


Please be sure to give Tim your address, and let him know the reason for your purchase. I will send your book when Tim lets me know that an ounce of silver is available for shipping.

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